Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . .

dam of 4 AKC CH.
my princess 


my first Pem

multi-year state finalist 4-HShowmanship andObedience

my agility partner

my introduction to AKC

my first group-placer


"D.C. al Coda"  by Elizabeth Woodman

A piece of my heart forever you'll be 
Play at the bridge, wait there for me 
I'll expect you the day they may let me in
I'll throw something heavenly for you yet again
Do you herd the angels? Do you bark at the door? 
Do they have a totter you slam to the floor?
I still can't imagine that they needed you more.

So many of life's lessons, with you at my feet
Without you, the house isn't ever complete
I don't touch a leash without seeing your grin
Your warm brown eyes and the spirit within
Every generation, I will you to peek back out 
Your sparkle, your talent, confidence without doubt
Thanks for lessons in what a corgi is about.

For any days I took for granted, know I repent
I didn't understand what a gift I'd been sent
I always imagined, expected one more day 
Never dreamed of you faeried away
I still miss you and hope that you'll see
A piece of my heart forever you'll be
Play at the bridge, please wait there for me.

Our Belgians Rock Tawny