PUPPIES!!!    Bertie's Pups by Litter

Other Beloved Bertie Beauties :

Croswynd's Twice as Nice

Spice-WA, USA- Sophie & Tod

Faith, princess of Salina, Jodi and Joyce     (also above w/ toy)  Croswynd's IfMy Heart Had Wings 

Bette, Croswynd's Wind B'Neath MyWings

2002 by Ch. Caralon's CASPER at Gaylord ROM

  •  Am/Can CH. Croswynd Spirit of St. Louis Am/Can CD HIT "LOU sable and white M 
    Finished with 4 majors AKC owner-handled from Bred-By
    co-owned w/ LILLEMOR Corgis, Alberta CAN. 

  • Am/Can CH. Croswynd's Spirit of Caralon, Am/Can CD RX "CAL gold and white M 
      co-owned with LILLEMOR as well, Finished owner/breeder handled with BOB from classes

  • Am. CH Croswynd's Frontier Spirit "TIARA"red and white F Finished w/ 4 Mjrs from BBE

  • Croswynd Spirit of Freedom "Harley  red/wh M  
    We just ran out of room to run on boys... so we reluctantly petted this guy out as well.
  • Croswynd Spirit of Summer  "Scooter" (pet) FLUFF dark sable and white M   


2001 litter Ch Garvin Wing Tips, CD, HT


   CH. Croswynd Upon Eagle's Wings   "BaronFinished owner-handled from BBE  3 healthy four pt majors    
 Croswynd Beneath My Wings    "Bette" (pet-small) F

 Croswynd IfMy Heart Had Wings "Faith" (pet) FLUFF F   

 Croswynd Goldwing "Scooter" (pet) FLUFF M

1999 litter Ch Caralon's Yud B Our Robin, CDX

A father-daughter inbreeding allowed, to in all likelyhood show me what recessives I was dealing with.  It baffles me that we got NO Fluffs in this litter, while in two other breedings she produced it with other dogs... that's the mystery of genetics for ya! 

Croswynd's Yul B Double Trouble "Pixi" (pet-small)    Croswynd's Double Yur Money    "Cash" (pet-m.o.)    Croswynd's Twice as Nice            "Spice" (pet-occlusion)

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