Can/Am CH Croswynd Spirit of Caralon....    CAL  in CANADA.

We tried to warn his  co-owner what AWESOME potential we see in this young man.  He has  been the stand-out personality in this litter from the beginning... 

*multiple puppy group, and adult-group placements, including BPIG at Edmonton 2003. 

 *Best of Breeds from classes

Quick to credential both ends of his name, :) Karin and Cal earned Obedience ranking, his Canadian CD and two legs towards his CDX. In his short stay with Karin, that team has worked hard to train through Utility!



Cal with his housemate, BISS, BPIS Morgen Cal's namesake, CH Caralon's Yud B Our Robin, CDX at 10 weeks...


Cal's American debut... a short 5 days after stepping off the plane from Karin..

His next show out, Cal won his first AKC major, by going WD / BOW under Mr. Charles Trotter.


Cal has three BOBs from the BBE under herding breeder judges Teddy McDowell, Harlowe Jahelka, and Beth Lachnitt.

Cal and I stepped into BredBy at the 2005 PWCCA National with breed friends, idols & icons.    Anne Bowes made my national with kind comment after the class. ;)

His next show out, Mar.'06 Columbia, MO--the four point major in dogs was awarded  by Mr. Paul Thomann, to finish Cal here in the states.


Every Outing with Cal is a "Performance"...


Completes American CD in July 2005,
three consecutive shows with a 189.5, 192 + 4th placement, and 192.  Judges and spectators alike cheer on his body-slamming recalls and mid-air celebrations of a job well done.
3 trials in a row-- RN 
with placements!

3 trials in a row-- RA 
with placements!

3 trials in a row-- RE
with placements!

His first American CDX leg came in at 193.5 for third place and a Front and Finish Honorable Mention in Des Moines, IA, with Karin able to look on--visiting the weekend prior to the St Louis National.  He was a phenomenal worker, with a spirit that simply would not be missed or overlooked.  He made sure.

Cal and the Long Sit were mortal enemies... he would be winning Open B easily before laying down at the last 10 sec. of the sit... despite any classes, proofing, and BEGGING we'd do.   One of Cal's final acts on earth was proofing that stay for the Wichita weekend.   I was certain we were going to nail it and within the same month he'd finish his CH and his CDX.    Miss you Calboy.  

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